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The PDR Process

Clearly Defined Plans & Reports

Every project at PDR receives the benefit of our expert analysis and development team. We start by clearly defining and planning your project, so that you understand and agree with the scope and details.  We prepare a report for each phase of the project and send you weekly updates.

Fast, Efficient, Reliable

You'll never be caught by surprise

Projects may be completed within a few days or may require a longer term, but you can count on us to get your approval for each stage. Our proven methods mean that your project will be completed quickly, efficiently, and reliably.


How We Develop IT Projects

  • Proposal
  • Technical Specs & Planning
  • Design
  • Development/ Construction
  • Testing and Review
  • Delivery/ Production
  • Maintenance

How We Develop Websites

  • Proposal
  • Definition and Planning
  • Information Architecture
  • Site Design
  • Site Construction
  • Functional Construction
  • Maintenance

For details about each stage, see our "Web Development & Design Steps."


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